Miles Goodenuff
writer of stories for children and adults

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"The Knights of Eruin"


Miles Goodenuff has been writing stories for over thirty years, starting when he was still at school and rarely letting more than a few months go by without producing some small work of fiction for his own amusement or for that of his friends.

The "Eruins and Dalwights" series of books are Miles' first complete novels to be published, the initial book "The Knights of Eruin" now available as an e-book from Fiction4All and from all good ebook retailers.

Miles was born in Surrey and now lives in East Sussex with his wife, three children and two cats.  Although not a full-time writer, he now writes for a number of web sites under a variety of pen names and on a variety of subjects he describes as "mainly boring" including the stockmarket, personal finance and economic news.  

Miles' fiction is fast-moving adventure that appeals to children and to many adults, written in a flowing style easy to read or to read aloud.  Growing and developing friendships in Miles' stories are as important as the central theme of the fight between good and evil, and whether the readers are adults or children they will be able to identify with the emotions of main characters and to feel their successes, their failures, their hopes and their fears in the writing.  We may all yearn to have the skills and abilities of Miles' characters, yet we may shrink from the responsibilities and consequences of having those special talents.

"The Knights of Eruin"

An exciting new story for children of all ages from ten to a hundred!  

The first in the "Eruins and Dalwights" series, stories of ancient powers that reach out into the lives of a group of children and draw them into the fight between good and evil.  

The Knights of Eruin by Miles Goodenuff
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